See The Client Acquisition System That Built Our $6 Million Coaching Company…

Episode 1: Language is POWER

Inside This Training, You'll Discover...

Why complicated funnels and sales processes are a complete waste of time...and the simple process we use to enroll 5-figure clients like clockwork...

How we've earned $10 or more for every $1 that we spent on Facebook advertising for 4 years straight.

Why premium pricing is the secret to getting even better results for your clients than you are now...

How this one simple funnel generated $60 Million ...and allows our best clients to go from total unknowns to 6-7 figures in record time...

Why launches, branding, blogging, endless content marketing, and grinding out endless videos are the WORST way

AND... how to do ALL of this while fulfilling your mission, getting stunning outcomes for your clients, and...

Does It Work?

Your Class Is About To Begin!

"This might be the most valuable class you'll ever watch online..." - Landon & Stapes


Episode 1: Language is POWER - Aimee Ansari

Episode 3: Loving Leadership - Stephanie McPhail

Episode 5: Can Equity Ever Be Achieved? - Dr. Marielle Reataza

Episode 7: Rural Leadership - Annie Giagni

Episode 9: My First Boss Job - Hillary Gramm

Episode 11: The Unique Challenges of Being Nowhere - Stephanie Cooper

Episode 2: Unlearning to Succeed - Amy Pinder

Episode 4: When the Office Has No Walls - Elysa Walk

Episode 6: This is New York - Tracy Bradshaw

Episode 8: Where Can I Stash My Drug Money? - Leigh Vadas

Episode 10: High Powered Influence - Dr. Amy Lossie

Episode 12: On the Fringe of Science - Dawn Bentley

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Season 2

Episode 1: How we built a $6 million coaching company...

Episode 2: How we built a $6 million coaching company...

Episode 3: How we built a $6 million coaching company...

Episode 4: How we built a $6 million coaching company...

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